About Archi Designo


Archi Designo Construction Services is a global studio for Architecture / Interior Design and Construction Company, founded by Mirza Ghulam Farid in 2017 with office located in Citi Housing, Jhelum. ADCS is a team of talented Architects, Designers and Civil Engineers who have delivered in Pakistan’s and Qatar’s best and innovative Architectural and Construction Projects.

Entrepreneur, Mr Mirza Ghulam Farid without having any monetary backing started the journey self-reliantly with his job in 2017 while he was doing job with one of the Public Sector Organization in Pakistan. He learnt freelancing skills from Hisham Sarwar through digiskills.pk and started offering services through freelancing marketplace i.e. upwork.com and fiverr.com. After 2 years of day and night hard work which he was doing in job and freelancing, with 10 years of professional experience he felt, now this is the time to quite the job and start full time business and then he left the job and started full time business and started offering services of Architecture Designing, Interior Designing, Construction and Real Estate in local markets.

The beginning he commenced with small-scale projects such as Houses and Commercial Plazas. Now at the moment Archi Designo is well known firm who provides excellent services with exceptional customer care.

Archi Designo is also known as the firm which produces Spanish Architecture, Classic Architecture, Roman Architecture, Modern Architecture etc.

The principal objective of Archi Designo is uplifting the quality standards of the people’s life through Architecture and by revolutionizing modern structures. Archi Designo’s architectural projects have out casted previously established conventional ways of design and construction by giving a new array of alternate abstraction.


Bringing Artistic Look in Architecture and Interior Design without increasing the budget of project and achieve the minimalistic design.


Provision of learning platform to educate aspiring individuals and redefining the meaning of architecture by blending traditional ways with new techniques through philosophy of alternate abstractio justifiying time through context and technology.


Archi Designo considers his studio as an institute rather than an architecture design and interior design firm. Archi Designo provides opportunity for those who want to learn and improve their skill set in Architecture Designing and Interior Designing.

His ideology focuses on redefining the meaning of architecture by blending traditional ways with innovations to serve the community by performing community services and supporting aspiring students.

Archi Designo believe to provide world class architecture design that adheres to international standards. The main objective of the system employed within the firm is provision of creative concepts and practical solutions through alternative abstraction. In all projects, Archi Designo thinks out of the box and produces excellent concepts and redefine traditional notions about architecture.